We've just released CFFI 0.18.0!

  * enhancement: the groveller wrapper in-package directive now catches
    missing packages earlier and more clearly. (Thanks to Chris Bagley.)

  * enhancement: added expand-into-foreign-memory optmization hook
    similar to expand-to-foreign. (Thanks to Chris Bagley.)

  * enhancement: cffi-toolchain no longer needlessly depends on a very
    recent ASDF. (Thanks to Stas Boukarev.)

  * optimization: a new foreign-slot-pointer compiler macro avoids slot
    info lookups at runtime when then struct type and slot name are
    constant. (Thanks to Chris Bagley.)

  * bugfix: cffi-toolchain parses command flags properly on
    windows. (Thanks to Mirko Vukovic.)

  * bugfix: various cffi/c2ffi fixes. (Thanks to Attila Lendvai.)

  * bugfix: defcallback fixed on Android/ECL. (Thanks to Daniel

  * bugfix: the ABCL backend has been fixed to handle recent JNA
    changes. (Thanks to Daniel Kochmanksi.)


Luís Oliveira

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