My $client wanted to upgrade CGIP, but because the new version of Mecha
requires a newer version of LWP, and $client didn't want to upgrade LWP,
I split Mecha out as a separate distro.

You need CGIP to use Mecha.  You need Mecha to *fully test* CGIP, but
the tests are marked as optional.  Thus, this should permit non-Mecha
users an installation path.

Frankly, I think Mecha rocks.  I get to write tests that step through
the app like I would with Mechanize, and then talk directly to the
database in the same process to see what the results are.

Here's a snippet from a $client test:

    ok $m->submit_form
      (fields =>
       {managers => "test1\ntest2",
        members => "test3\ntest4\ntest5",
       button => 'update alias',
      ), 'populate initial list';
    ok $m->success, "fetched manage alias page" or $m->diag_response;

    ## verify database is in proper state
      is my ($a) = Alias::DB::Alias->search(name => 'one-test'),
        1, 'found one alias named one-test';

      is my @managers = $a->managers, 2, '2 managers found';
        [sort map { $_->ubit } @managers],
          [sort qw(test1 test2)],
            'managers ubits are OK';

      is my @members = $a->memberships, 3, '3 members found';
        [sort map { $_->email } @members],
          [sort qw(test3 test4 test5)],
            'members email are OK';

So, I'm poking at the application through the "web", then
immediately accessing the database through Class::DBI calls
to ensure that the web changes are reflected correctly.

Then I use these with Devel::Cover, and I can see if my web-based
use-cases are actually touching the amount of code I had hoped.

CGIP with CGIP-Mecha.  Great combo.

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