>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Browning <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Matthew> On Thursday 28 April 2005 06:25, LD wrote:
>> What's the best way of including the output of Header and Footer in
>> the render phase - i.e., as if you'd concated the output of:
Header-> activate; Main->activate; Footer->activate;
>> Any thoughts?

Matthew> The functionality you're after is suggested in the docs of 
Matthew> CGI::Prototype::Hidden, here (link will probably wrap):


Matthew> I'd go easy using anything marked as `experimental' but I've had a go 
Matthew> using this feature, purely as a point of interest, and it does work.

Matthew> Be nice to see how this develops.

Or, do as I've done, and put all that in WRAPPER.tt - you can do an
amazing amount there.

I've just finished a seriously fleshed out medium size project with
CGIP, and I'm probably going to take my "this works, that doesn't"
thoughts and put them into CGI::Prototype::Cookbook.

For example, my top level class was GC::App... so I created GC/ttlib
to hold all my INCLUDE'd files, because they'd sit alongside the rest
of my app, but not get in the way of the files in GC/App/*.tt, which
I reserved purely for state-based pages.

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