I'm just starting to try to wrap my head around C::P::Hidden (or vice
  versa), so it's entirely possible I'm not thinking about this properly
  -- but I can't figure out the Right Way to link to a non-default page.

  Suppose I have two "pages": Welcome and Login. (A "page" is a
  combination of a .pm and a .tt; there's only one actual CGI.) I have 

sub config_default_page { "Welcome" }

  in the base My::App.pm.

  In Welcome.tt, I want to have an <a> element where the href attribute
  takes me to the Login page. It seems like I have two options:

1) use an onClick attribute to manipulate the hidden _state field to
   change its value to 'Login'
2) encode '?_state=Login' into the URL in the href attribute (or various
   other schnanigans with specifying some state in the URL -- use
   'state=login' and switch on that in the respond_per_page() in the
   base class, for example)

  Is that pretty much accurate or is there some slickness I'm missing?   

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