>>>>> "Carl" == Carl Franks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Carl> Ok, I've figured out what was going wrong and how to fix it, however
Carl> it's brought up another issue.

Carl> Firstly, my apologies that the code I posted didn't run - it was
Carl> copy-typed from one machine to another.
Carl> The line:
Carl> my $t = CGI::Prototype::Mech->new( protoapp => "One" );
Carl> should have read:
Carl> my $t = CGI::Prototype::Mecha->new( protoapp => "One" );

The problem here is probably one of documentation.  Your protoapp
doesn't exist, that's why it's broken.  It's not One, because Two
doesn't inherit from One.

You need your app, from which your pages inherit.  Then the
display method gets added into the right place.

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