I have been trying to figure out how to model the resources of a
guestbook cgi program using REST. My CGI program is named guestbook
and my domain name is metaperl.org

GET /guestbook
  returns the first 10 entries of the guestbook with links to page
  forward to 11-20. REST supposedly works without cookies, so if a
  user had a preference for entry listings per page, what to do?
GET /guestbook?o=xml
  returns the entire guestbook in XML format
POST /guestbook
  adds an entry to the guestbook. But here is my problem, I need a URL
  which returns a page that the user can fill in and hit submit. What
  would such a URL look like?
GET /guestbook/stats
  returns a page showing the stats on the guestbook.

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