I have most of a guestbook program implemented using
CGI::Prototype::PathInfo. You can play around with everything but the
"view source for this page" button here:


I used Rose::DB::Object for the database stuff, HTML::Seamstress for
"templating" and CGI::Protoytpe::Pathinfo as my controller.

So anyway, when I got ready to do the "view source for this page", I
needed access to resource_type for the current request but $this_page
and $next_page (in CGPI::activate()) are not given these values from
the self that starts activate().

$this_page and $that_page also lack access to $self->CGI as a result.

What this means is that I cannot rewrite the "View source for this
page" to be $self->resource_type in this module:


Of course, this is perplexing given that Guestbook::App::welcome
inherits from Guestbook::App which inherits from
CGI::Prototype::PathInfo and CGIP::PathInfo does reflect and add the
resource->type slot and have a CGI slot with data from the initial

So, given that my render methods in $this_page or $next_page could
take advantage of such a method, should there be some way of them
being granted this info?

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           by deleting something, I'm adding functionality.

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