>>>>> "Terrence" == Terrence Brannon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Terrence> I just wanted to start a discussion about usage of CGIP in mod_perl
Terrence> environments. I am happy with CGIP's setup for my webhosting stuff, 
Terrence> we use plain CGI. However, for corporate work (should that day come), 
Terrence> fact that the engine slot and the prototype_enter method use 
autoloads to
Terrence> load Template and CGI would compromise performance: one would prefer 
Terrence> both of these be loaded eagerly.

It would be enough to simply list them literally:

        use My::App;
        use My::App::PageOne;
        use My::App::PageTwo;

You can probably automate that if you wanted.  I'm sure you can come
up with a BEGIN block that reads the directory and loads all the

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