>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Gianni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Andrew> Dotan, that looks like what I'm looking for and it's roughly what I
Andrew> had in mind although I didn't realize that a Class::Prototyped class
Andrew> could have multiple parents, which resolves the question of multiple
Andrew> mixins. How are they evaluated for execution? For example, if you
Andrew> override render_enter in Miner::Utils::Links and Miner::Utils::Text,
Andrew> will it just execute both of their render_enter methods in sequence in
Andrew> the order you added their parent slot in the foreach loop of
Andrew> install_mixins?

No, it picks "first found", which actually makes mixins a bit of pain.  That's
why there's that particularly tricky code in that one project I did for you,
to essentially insert the "mixed-in" version in the middle of your inheritance
ladder, rather than hanging out on a second parent.

It's one of the weakest parts of the Class::Prototyped design, unfortunately,
and having chosen that for CGIP, I'm sorta stuck with it.

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