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> Writing an extra mantra $self->name_to_page() dozens of times (in
> every respond, every module) is sightly annoying and gives me the
> impression of a decentralized workaround.

Actually, I just look at it as useful refactoring. We actually have
situations in some of our applications where we cross over application
classes between respond and render; i.e. The response of App1::page_x may
want to return App2::page_y at times. So simply passing the name of the page
isn't enough, we really need to return a page object with an explicit full
class name. It definitely makes sense to localize the functionality you
need, but rolling that up into CGI::Prototype would make it less flexible.

> If I write another application, which may be not before next year, I
> am sure to stubmle over that again.  It is not in the Linux Mag
> examples, not easily collected from the PODs, and not in my own
> mod_perl apps. 

Better documentation would make this easier to understand. I reckon Randal
has written enough of the basic stuff and its up to us as a community to put
together some more in-depth tutorials. That said, I'm not exactly swimming
with spare time :) Maybe come late December early January (winter break)
I'll have some time to work on something collaboratively. Perhaps a CGIP
wiki would be a good option.


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