Hello list people,

This is my first post to this group, so please advise if I'm posting to the
wrong place or violating some other protocol.

I'm creating a web app using CGI::Aplication and H::T. My app generally has
two modes (not to be confused with the rm) of operation: 1) a user mode and
2) an administration mode. Each mode has like rm's and some unique rm's, but
both generally have the same structure and flow.

Things generally look like this:


use MyWebApp;
my $webapp = MyWebApp->new(PARAMS => {'scope'   => 'someid'});


use MyWebAppAdmin;
my $webapp = MyWebAppAdmin->new(PARAMS => {'scope'   => 'someid'});

Again, MyWebApp.pm and MyWebAppAdmin.pm are very much the same from a
structural standpoint (mostly the same rm's) and share a lot of commonality
with regard to flow as well (each rm does something similar in the beginning
and then again at the end.) Certain things happen regardless of whether the
user is running in user mode or admin mode. While this works OK, I think I
can take advantage of the OO nature of things even more. I'd like to
encapsulate these same type things so that I only need to make changes once
in a base module. That's where I need some help, advice, examples, etc.


Bill McCormick
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