thanks to all, the header_type('none') is a much better workaround on
the customer's machines at the moment because it uses the lib as it is.

For the future I'd be glad though a to have more integrated solution.

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 10:55:10AM -0500, Jason Purdy wrote:
> I do some similiar work with huge PDF files, but I haven't really 
> noticed the memory situation.  In my instance script, I use $|++ so the 

Well, err, this customer ships 100-150 MB Zip archives with demo
versions of their bloated Java software ;-)

> I would like to see a more elegant solution, such as your patch and lib 
> idea implemented into cgiapp, as long as the memory situation is taken 
> into consideration and the possibility to provide file specs (size, MIME 
> type, expiration headers, etc).

We could give a named parameter list to that method, providing all
that (optional information).

I've not seen the plugin specs yet (mentioned in the other mail), but
when there's no need to bloat the main package with it, we could supply
other "comfort" things like a mimetype detection, for example...

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