Please join us at Change tomorrow. We are excited to have Sara Vannini -
who is current a visiting scholar at TASCHA present on her work exploring
mobile devices and public access to ICTs.

*What: *Use of Mobile Devices in Public Access to ICTs: Preliminary results
from a study in Latin America

*When: *Tuesday, Feb 9 at 12pm

*Where: *The Allen Center, CSE 203

*Abstract: *Venues for Public Access to ICTs (PAVs) and Mobile Technologies
have been extensively studied for their potential to give access to
information and enabling underserved communities’ development, especially
in the developing world. The field of ICT for Development (ICT4D) looked at
them, one after the other, as possible ways to finally bridge the digital

At first, the rapid growth of mobile technologies adoption, especially in
developing countries, made researchers question the necessity to still
invest in PAVs. With more than 6 billion mobile subscriptions in the world,
and more people having access to a mobile than to electricity or clean
water in developing countries, mobiles have indeed been reshaping the
technological ecosystem of access. Yet, PAVs have not been replaced by
mobiles. While we can envision that PAVs are starting to include mobile
technologies to provide their services, very few studies have been
considered the topic so far. In this presentation, preliminary results from
an online survey conducted among Latin American PAVs’ operators will be
presented. Results will inform on both the variety of mobile-related
services that PAVs are providing in the region, and on operators’
perception of mobile technologies as having a role to support community
development and PAVs goals.

*Bio: *Sara Vannini is a visiting scholar at UW’s Technology and Social
Change Group (TASCHA). Sara is also a postdoctoral research fellow with the
BeCHANGE group and Executive Director of the NewMinE – New Media in
Education Lab at the University of Italian Switzerland (USI), Lugano,
Switzerland. Sara’s research is in the field of Information and
Communication Technologies for Development, focusing in particular on the
issues of Public Access to ICTs and the appropriation and social
representation of technologies in underserved areas of developing
countries. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences from USI, and an
M.A. in Latin American Literatures from Bologna University, Italy.

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