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Date: 20 April 2016 at 03:34
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Thanks again for giving your thoughts and feedback on the challenges
and opportunities of training software engineers. Your insight has
really been invaluable as we shape the project moving forward.

I'm reaching out again to see if you would be able to recommend people
in your networks who might be interested in helping us stand up this
team. As I mentioned, we are trying to put a team of 3-5 under the
mandate of WAHO. They would be a combination of software engineers,
business analyst, health informatics experts, and a team lead. We are
looking to add in a fellowship component for young software engineers
that would act as a pipeline to fill the future team, and to provide
additional training.

We are currently looking to hire someone (likely as a consultant,
based in West Africa) who has the ability to set this team up
correctly, identify people to hire, and work with our team and WAHO to
scope the project. The person would have the ability to really
influence and design the way the team moves forward. There would be a
strong likelihood that after setting up the team, this person could
act as Technical Team Lead on the initial team. We picture this person
to be mid- or advanced-career, software developer who is now business
analyst level (ability to translate tech requirements, manage clients,
etc.) Ideally this person would also have experience working in West
Africa. Do you know anyone in your networks who might be interested?
Even if they are currently employed, we would love to get a few names
who we can reach out to for additional input and feedback into this

Thanks again!

Rebecca Saxton-Fox
ICT Policy Advisor
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U.S. Global Development Lab l USAID
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