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Dear Prof.Chris Coward,


I am advising the Center for IT & Society, being established at the 
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT Delhi). We are 
looking for highly motivated, research oriented social sciences faculty members 
at all levels.

Could you please forward this call among your contacts?

Thank you very much!

Warm regards,

IIIT Delhi is one of the most promising young institutions in IT in India with 
vibrant faculty community (two third of them have PhDs from top global 
institutions). It has a strong research culture, dedicated research groups, 
industry sponsored labs and innovative education programs which aim to prepare 
leaders to create and engage with the technology of the future.

The Institute is establishing a multidisciplinary Center on IT and Society, 
which needs highly motivated, research oriented social sciences faculty members 
at all levels. The working environment is on par with the world class 
universities. This center is likely to have collaborators from Center for 
Digital Media and Design and other departments.

The institute provides strong support for research, has a good 
teaching-research balance, and has among the best compensation in academia in 
the country. All regular faculty will be provided on-campus or leased 
accommodation. Other benefits include initiation research grant, travel 
support, professional development fund, etc., and personal benefits such as 
health insurance, leave travel concession, contribution to pension plan, etc.

For an Assistant Professor position, a candidate must have a PhD plus three 
years' experience. The experience shall be waived for candidates with PhDs from 
reputed universities and good research / academic record.
The candidate should share the evidence of training in any social sciences 
discipline. It can be either one of the following: Master degree in social 
sciences (Economics, Psychology, Communication and Anthropology etc); relevant 
doctoral level courses or teaching; and publications in high rated social 
sciences journals.

Faculty Selection in London and Paris in October 2016:
Faculty selection committee meetings are to be held UCL London in October, 
first week and in INRIA Paris during October, second week. Candidates from UK 
are encouraged to apply for consideration in London selections, and candidates 
from EU are encouraged to apply for Paris selections.

Shortlisting for the personal meetings shall be done on the basis of CV and an 
e-seminar to the IIIT-D faculty during August - September. Travel 
reimbursements upto USD 500 for personal meeting shall be given. The results of 
the selection shall be declared by the end of October.

All vacancies are Tenure Track positions. Applications from all nationalities 
are most welcome.
For London and Paris rounds, deadline is September 30, 2016. Else, positions 
are open till filled.

Please send your CV to faculty-applicati...@iiitd.ac.in.
For further details, please refer:
https://www.iiitd.ac.in/careers/faculty/2016 or write to 

Associate Professor
Dept. of Management Studies
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016 India.
+91 9910230407 vig...@iitd.ac.in

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