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OpenMRS is looking for help with their public website.  They are wanting to 
migrate the current design into a new wordpress site with some customized 
integrations with their other tools (JIRA, etc).  They want to make their 
website more effective at getting to the software, getting involved in the 
community, and acknowledging partners and contributors.  Some of the design 
work is already done, but they need help completing it and migrating the 
content.  If you need a small project or just want to help do some good in 
global health, post your interest on the community forum at:


Or just contact Jeff Neiman 
(jeffneima...@openmrs.org<mailto:jeffneima...@openmrs.org>) and Theresa Cullen 
(te...@openmrs.org<mailto:te...@openmrs.org>) directly.


Jan Flowers

University of Washington | School of Nursing | Sr. Informatics Advisor, Global 
University of Washington | School of Nursing | Clinical Faculty
OpenMRS, www.openmrs.org<http://www.openmrs.org/> | Leadership Team | Director 
of Implementations, Distributions, Partnerships
OpenELIS, www.openelis.org<http://www.openelis.org/> | Board of Directors | 
Leadership | Strategic Direction - Global Health

e. jfl...@uw.edu<mailto:jfl...@uw.edu>
p. 206.334.5263
skype:  jan.flowers
telegram: @janflowers

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