From: Sharada Srinivasan <<>>
Date: October 10, 2016 at 4:53:59 PM PDT
Subject: [TIER] 1 World Connected - Case Studies of Internet Connectivity 
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I am a research fellow at the Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition 
at the University of Pennsylvania.  I work on a project named 1 World 
Connected, which seeks to catalog all innovative efforts to expand the 
Internet’s reach and improve adoption. We hope to do so by compiling and 
disseminating case studies about these initiatives, as well as empirically 
assessing their impact using available data.  The hope is to give key decision 
makers a firmer, data-based foundation for determining the best approaches for 
achieving the goal of universal connectivity. We launched our website a couple 
of days ago with a few initial case studies; they can be accessed at<>.

Over the last few months, we have undertaken a broad literature survey to 
compile a list of initiatives and projects around the world that are currently 
aiming to improve connectivity across the world. I am sharing the preliminary 
results of my survey here. The list spans different supply- and demand-side 
initiatives across a range of technologies and stakeholder groups (community 
networks, TVWS trials, digital literacy programs, accessibility initiatives 
etc.) I have identified key information about each initiative and categorized 
them on an excel sheet, available here:

One of our main goals is to expand the list of potential case study candidates 
in order to be as broad and inclusive as we can. Given the number of people 
here that are involved in research or deployment of innovative connectivity 
initiatives, it would be immensely valuable to us if you could point us in the 
direction of initiatives that you may be familiar with that could become 
potential case study candidates for our work. I look forward to your input.

Thanks and regards,
Sharada Srinivasan,
Research Fellow,
Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition,
University of Pennsylvania<> | @1_WorldConnect (Twitter) | 
1Worldconnected (Facebook)
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