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TASCHA in brief
From the Director
What is the contribution of information access to the Sustainable Development 
 In answering this challenging question, TASCHA has been working with IFLA, 
UNESCO, ITU, and others to come up with a model and set of indicators that will 
provide countries with insights into how they fare. TASCHA’s interest also 
stems from its work on public access ICTs (libraries, cybercafes…) where we 
have assessed the impact of this form of access on individual well-being. 
Clearly, information (or ICT) access is important across most of the SDGs, but 
how to capture this in a meaningful and reliable way is a steep climb. Read on 
to find out more about our work in this area and others.

- Chris Coward, Director of TASCHA

Myanmar's information transformation
Myanmar information symposium paves the way for change
Myanmar is undergoing unprecedented changes — politically, culturally, 
digitally — all while moving from a highly-censored information environment to 
embracing openness and freedom of information. The country’s digital revolution 
includes leaping over numerous “digital divides” propelled by the widespread 
use of smartphones and growing pervasiveness of the internet. TASCHA 
co-sponsored a Myanmar information symposium just days before the country 
inaugurated its first elected parliament. The event, From Scarcity to Overload: 
Finding “Good Enough” Public Information in Myanmar’s Transition, sparked 
lively discussions about complex topics such as information scarcity and the 
public’s trust in their government, freedom of expression vs. personal privacy, 
transparent information solutions for democratic practices, and more.

Read the key takeaways 

Development and Access to Information
TASCHA project will highlight the role of libraries and access to information 
in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Access to information is a critical tenet of successful community and 
international development, and in many places around the world, public 
libraries play a vital role in providing access that is universally and freely 
available. With this in mind, TASCHA and the International Federation of 
Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) have launched the Development and 
Access to Information 
 project. The project focuses on access to information (A2I) as it pertains to 
the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the contributions libraries 
make to the achievement of development goals.

Continue reading about the DA2I project here 

New research report
TASCHA finds major successes and challenges in first evaluation of Namibian 
Three regional libraries – officially called Regional Study and Resource 
Centers (RSRCs) – designed to promote a “learning culture” through services and 
activities, opened two years ago in regions across Namibia as an outcome of the 
Compact between the Government of Namibia and the Millennium Challenge 
Corporation (MCC). TASCHA has designed and implemented an evaluation to 
investigate the performance of the libraries as part of the Regional Study and 
Resources Center Evaluation 
 The newly released report, Namibia RSRC Activity Performance Evaluation: 
 covers the planning and implementing of activities prior to the libraries’ 
doors opening.

Download the full report to learn more 

Future of Libraries
The future of libraries in the US & around the world

TASCHA’s work with public libraries is well-known among the global library 
community, ranging from the Public Access Landscape 
 which was the first attempt to identify and describe public libraries and 
other internet public access centers and their services in 25 countries, to the 
Global Impact 
 which looked at the effect of libraries and other public access centers and 
their services on the users and non-users in eight countries. But with the 
selection of TASCHA as one of the three Legacy Partners by the Bill & Melinda 
Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries Program, along with the United States 
Public Library Association 
 and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions 
 more work by TASCHA in the United States will be seen in the coming years.

Continue reading the update here 

Quick updates

·        Attending Look for TASCHA folks at MozFest October 28-30, 2016 in 
·        Teaching TASCHA is holding a Research Seminar during Winter Quarter 
2017 for University of Washington students to get involved in our research.
·        Participating Dr. Maria Garrido has been busy participating in 
numerous forums about the role of access to information in the SDGs, as well as 
presenting findings from the MOOCs research at various conferences.
·        Joining MSIM student Erin McAweeney joined TASCHA in Fall 2016 as a 
Research Assistant supporting our communications activities.
·        Adapting TASCHA's Melody Clark and Chris Rothschild will be in Kenya 
in November to learn how we can best adapt our Mobile Information Literacy 
curriculum for Kenya public libraries.
·        Evaluating Dr. Araba Sey is currently in Namibia kicking off survey 
data collection for the evaluation of Namibia's regional libraries, also called 
Regional Study and Resource Centers.

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