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Here is some stuff done by CGAP at the world bank applying HCD to financial
inclusion problems.




My sense is (from the more realistic people who work there) that despite
some publications like the ones above touting the potential of HCD they
actually felt it failed more often than not because it came up with
interesting product insights but didn't achieve the organizational and
architectural/systemic change needed to implement them.


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> From: Misha Quill <mqu...@cornellcollege.edu>
> I'm wondering if any of you could point me towards ethnographic analyses
> or cases studies (articles. books, grey lit) of development or humanitarian
> projects that use(d) design principles?
> I'm planning to teach an undergraduate-level course in environmental
> anthropology and want introduce some design principles/ processes.
> Ideally I'd like to include readings that point towards the benefits of
> this kind of approach, as well as some that reflect practical or
> theoretical problems (or failures).
> Thank you!
> Best,
> Misha
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