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Please us tomorrow at Change.  Isaac Holeman <http://www.isaacholeman.org/>
will talking about is research at the intersection of global health and
human-centered design.  Isaac will be talking about research insights
emerging from the work done by the non-profit tech company Medic Mobile

*What: *Human-Centered Design for Global Health Equity
*Who: *Isaac Holeman
*When: *12pm, Tuesday February 28
*Where: *CSE 203

My research explores the practical and ethical implications of a
human-centered approach to global health. In this talk I will discuss
designing and deploying digital technologies for global health, in
partnership with co-workers at the non-profit tech company Medic Mobile. I
will touch on equipping community health workers to coordinate care via
text message, using temperature sensors to monitor vaccine fridges at
remote clinics, and more recent work building a digital 'equity lens' to
support next generation community health worker programs. Focusing on the
pragmatic aim of improving health in hard-to-reach communities, these cases
will force us to look beyond the tools themselves to the work practices,
coordination challenges and iterative design-in-use that characterize
sustained implementation at scale. These studies speak to a broad and
optimistic view of designing for the social good. Yet unlike much of the
popular rhetoric surrounding design for social innovation or international
development, I will emphasize the concrete material limits and complexities
that arise in such work

Isaac Holeman is a designer-researcher striving for global health equity.
As a social scientist and a co-founder of the non-profit tech company Medic
Mobile, his work is about seeing complex health systems from the
perspective of the poor and marginalized, and responding pragmatically. He
practices human centered design and conducts ethnographic research with
Medic Mobile, as a fellow of the University of Edinburgh’s Global Health
Academy and as a Gates Cambridge Scholar in innovation, strategy and
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