The UW Social Computing Reading Group (SCRG) is an interdisciplinary
reading group welcoming faculty and students from a variety of departments
including the Information School, HCDE, Communications, and Computer
Science. We think about social computing from many, sometimes less popular,
angles. We explore the kinds of research being done and needing to be done.
If you think about these things we would love for you to join us!

Each week members select a paper, share it electronically with the list,
and then we meet to discuss. We approach readings with openness and
curiosity, though we do not shy away from examining flaws and problematic
issues of research. The SCRG is dynamic, fun, supportive, and a great way
to encounter a wide range of social computing literature. This reading
group is useful for newer scholars as well as seasoned experts.

The SCRG has been meeting for over six years. Each quarter we use a poll to
select the best day and time. If you would like to join us please follow
the link below to the, 'SCRG Meetings: Spring 2017', WhenIsGood Poll
<> and paint over all the times that
are good for you. The one hour time with the most votes will become the
weekly meeting time for spring quarter. Location TBD but will most likely
be in either Sieg, MGH, or Comm.

Generally the way reading group works is this:
1. Pick a date.
2. Pick a reading that is (arguably) something related to Social Computing.
This is a flexible concept and often the reading is new to all of
us, including the person who selected it. That can make for as good of
a discussion as selecting key authors in the field. During the regular
academic year we generally select shorter conference or journal articles.
During the summer, when people often have more free time, we sometimes
tackle longer or more challenging pieces. Occasionally we even discuss a
film or TV episode, after having independently viewed it.
3. Enter the citation with a link in our coordination spreadsheet.
4. Send an email, and ideally an attached copy of the paper, about 1 week
in advance of the session.
5. Help lead us in a discussion about the paper. Remember you are in a room
full of bright, engaged people. Leading the discussion is not the hard
part, stopping it often is!

Looking forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks!

Amirah Majid

*A. M. Majidأميرة ماجد‬‎*
PhD student: multi-cultural computing & refugee informatics
Information School, University of Washington Seattle USA

*"...beware of my partisanship, my mistakes of fact, and the
distortion **inevitably
caused by my having seen only one corner of events." **Homage to Catalonia
(1938), **George Orwell*
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