Hi All,

I'd like to welcome everyone back for the spring quarter and to our first
Change Seminar tomorrow.  As usual, Change will be held at 12pm in CSE 203.

This week Richard Anderson will be giving an update on the work Digital
Financial Services <http://dfs.cs.washington.edu/> group has been doing
over the last year.

*What: *An update on the work of the UW Digital Financial Services Research
*Who: *Richard Anderson
*When: *12pm Tuesday March 28 in CSE 203


In 2016, we established the Digital Financial Services Research Group at
University of Washington to investigate the technological challenges in
improving access to financial services for the world’s poor and to promote
a global research community at the intersection of Computing for
Development and Financial Services.  The technological challenges for
financial services include managing digital identities, ease of use of
proximity payments, awareness and understanding of digital services,
robustness of infrastructure, and protecting services from fraud and
cyber-attacks.  In this talk, I will give an update on the accomplishments
in the first year of the project in the areas of computer security,
consumer education, and the Android device eco-system, introduce the
UW-Pesa demo lab, and talk about the founding of a parallel research group
at Information Technology University (ITU) in Lahore, Pakistan.  I will
also identify a number of technology areas that are ripe for exploration to
support this area of work.
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