This is probably not the best list for this, but does anyone know of
any organizations working to raise money to stockpile Pralidoxime and
Atropine for use as an antidote in Syria? -- YC


“Pralidoxime is the antidote for Sarin,” says Tennari — referring to
the deadly nerve gas considered a weapon of mass destruction that was
used in Syria. The hospital was only able to secure a limited number
of doses of Pralidoxime due to both its high cost and the difficulty
of obtaining it. Instead they bought thousands of milligrams of the
much cheaper Atropine, which can be used to counter moderate cases of
Sarin poisoning.

Those stocks helped save lives on Tuesday. The 22 patients his
hospital received on Tuesday showed clear signs of a nerve
agent—difficulty breathing, weak muscles and constricted pupils. But
more importantly, he says, he gave Pralidoxime to the five most severe
cases and “they responded almost immediately to the antidote.”

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