Greetings all!

The collaborative PhD's writing group is still meeting! In case you did not
know we are a group of iSchool & HCDE PhD students who meet weekly to
co-work. This can include structured feedback, presentation practice,
reading or writing time. We welcome students from any discipline.
This quarter we are meeting Mondays in Sieg 128, 10 - 1 & Fridays 9 - 12 in
Sieg 314* (*except Friday 28 April).
Please note 314 is a small conference room while 128 is a larger classroom
so presentations and discussions might work better on the Monday sessions
however we can usually make magic happen anywhere.

Thanks for your hard work and support!
Amirah & the Writing Group

*A. M. Majidأميرة ماجد‬‎*
PhD student: multi-cultural computing & refugee informatics
Information School, University of Washington Seattle USA

*"...beware of my partisanship, my mistakes of fact, and the
distortion **inevitably
caused by my having seen only one corner of events." **Homage to Catalonia
(1938), **George Orwell*
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