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Date: Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 10:04 AM
Subject: Research Symposium: Dr. Nkurunziza (4/27, 3:30-5pm, Allen


Please join us for the next iSchool Research Symposium:

*Dr. Nkurunziza *from* Never Again Rwanda*

*Peace Building in Post Conflict Country: The Experience of a Rwandan NGO*

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Allen Auditorium

If you are interested in meeting with Dr. Nkurunziza, please contact Nick


*Peace Building in a Post Conflict Country: The Experience of a Rwandan NGO*

*Building lasting peace in war-torn societies is among the most daunting of
challenges for global peace and security*

*-United Nations*

Broken relationships, hatred, trauma, poverty, family conflict and anger
were some of the effects resulting from the 1994 genocide against the
Tutsis. After that dark past that left the country torn and its citizens
having fear and doubts on their sleeves, it was hard to imagine that peace
and stability would be possible again. But due to the government and other
stakeholders relentless commitment to peace building - through home grown
solutions such as Gacaca courts which provided justice for victims - the
dream of peace and reconciliation is coming true. Twenty-three years down
the line Rwanda is considered as one of the countries in Africa that is
making tremendous progress. However, with the increase in development,
there is a need for provision of accurate historical information about the
past and resources to reach out to a wider population in order to create a
sustainable impact across the population as a whole in order to avoid past
mistakes. The challenges for peace building continue to be widespread
across the entire population in Rwanda, with the younger generation
particularly at risk in ways that could both hinder their future progress
and lead to various forms of manipulation.

In this talk, I will examine specific peacebuilding approaches for youth
and adults in post genocide Rwanda and highlight some of the possible ways
that have been used to overcome consequences of the genocide. In
particular, I will discuss Never Again Rwanda's approach to peacebuilding
and the relevant adoption of home-grown solutions, initiative that are
unique to the country's history, the Rwandan culture, traditional
practices, and value systems. Such consideration are paramount in
addressing challenges left behind by the genocide against the Tutsi.

*Biographical Information*

Joseph Ryarasa Nkurunziza, is a medical doctor with over 10 years’
experience in the clinical field, Public health and Peace Building. He is
currently the Country Director of Never Again Rwanda, a peace building
organization that promotes human rights and advocating peace among the
Rwandan youth and the population at large. He has also initiated projects
that engage Youth in the Democratic Process in Rwanda, which are
implemented in some Rwandan high schools and higher institutions of
learning that aim at helping to provide the nation’s youth with the skills
to make informed decisions in governance and human rights and raise
interest in national policy issues and leadership. Dr. Nkurunziza’s work in
Rwanda gives young people the guidance, encouragement and knowledge to be
active citizens.

Dr. Nkurunziza is also the Board Director and Co-Founder of Health
Development Initiative-Rwanda (HDI), a local NGO committed to improving the
health of disadvantaged populations across Rwanda. He has worked
extensively with international organizations and Rwandan civil society, and
is closely connected to members of the government, international agencies,
and local communities. Previously he served as the Clinical Services
Specialist for the Department of Defence at the US Embassy in Rwanda from
2011 until April 2016. He has supervised and developed projects to empower
and educate communities in health promotion and disease prevention
specifically in HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB.In November 2010 Joseph was
honored by Junior Chambers International as one of the 2010 ten outstanding
young persons of the world in Osaka Japan.
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