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Please join us tomorrow at the Change Seminar.  Aditya Vashistha and Pooja
Sethi will be talking about their project Respeak - which will be presented
at CHI 2017 next week.

*What:* Respeak: A Voice-based, Crowed-powered Speech Transcription System
*When: *Tuesday May 2
*Where: *12pm in CSE 203

Speech transcription is an expensive service with high turnaround time for
audio files containing languages spoken in developing countries and
regional accents of well-represented languages. We present Respeak — a
voice-based, crowd-powered, accessible speech transcription system that
capitalizes on the strengths of crowdsourcing and automatic speech
recognition (instead of typing) to transcribe such audio files. We created
Respeak and optimized its design through a series of cognitive experiments.
We deployed it with 25 university students in India who completed 5464
micro-transcription tasks transcribing widely-varied audio content with a
word error rate of 10%, and collectively earning USD 46 as mobile airtime.
Our findings suggest that Respeak improves the quality of speech
transcription while enhancing the earning potential of low-income
populations in resource-constrained settings.

In this talk, Aditya Vashistha and Pooja Sethi will present Respeak. Aditya
is a Computer Science PhD candidate and Pooja is a senior undergraduate
Computer Engineering major at the Allen School.​
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