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HCDE is offering a class fall quarter on designing for complex systems. It will 
feature a Red Cross project.  
HCDE 520 Design and Management of Complex Systems (4).  For more info contact 
Robin Mays rm...@uw.edu <mailto:rm...@uw.edu>. 

If designing for Red Cross is of interest, you might like to attend an upcoming 
public talk by a major figure in disaster sociology Kathleen Tierney:
Creating a Culture of Disaster Preparedness 
   September 18, 2017 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm  Gould Hall Room 322

Dharma Dailey

PhD Candidate
Human Centered Design & Engineering
University of Washington 

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> Hi Dharma and Amirah! 
> Would you share this? We need 5 more students.
> Thank you!
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> Hi all,
> Mark Haselkorn and Robin Mays have been hard at work preparing for the 
> upcoming fall quarter HCDE 520 Design & Management of Complex Systems course. 
> Course descriptions are not always the best way to get a sense of what to 
> expect in a class, especially with the constraint of 450 characters required 
> for entry into the General Catalog. Here is a more user-friendly description:
> What would an HCDE student get out of this class?
> Designing technology that works well is only half of the battle of building 
> successful socio-technical systems. What about whether it actually gets 
> adopted, or meets the non-technical needs of your audience?  Most 
> technologies do not operate as stand-alone systems, they are an intervention 
> within a greater social ecosystem made of multiple stakeholders, larger 
> missions, shared values and ways of operating. Accommodating these 
> complexities is often the greater challenge or barrier to designing effective 
> and successful technology.  This class addresses those realities and provides 
> some insight and skills for recognizing, considering and incorporating them 
> into your design process. In this class we will use and apply human-centered 
> design principles, approaches and methods to develop a socio-technical 
> solution for a real-world humanitarian organization need. 
> Here is the new General Catalog description:
> HCDE 520 Design and Management of Complex Systems (4)
> Design and implementation of enhancements to complex work systems. 
> Human-centered approaches to the design and management of technological 
> systems embedded within complex social and organizational systems.  Designing 
> to support decision-making and situational awareness, including sense making 
> and adaptation in ambiguous situations. Focus on meeting diverse stakeholder 
> needs in the context of emerging design methodologies.
> Best,
> Pat
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