The University of Washington's Digital Financial Services Research Group 
(DFSRG) will host a Digital Financial Services (DFS) Workshop on October 4th. 
This event will take place in the Gate's Commons in the Paul G. Allen Center 
for Computer Science and Engineering (CSE 691) between 1-4:45 pm, with a 
reception to follow from 5-6 pm.

The goal of this workshop is to bring members of the DFS academic community 
together with industry partners to develop an agenda for successful 
collaboration on research and the dissemination of new technologies. We will 
also share some of our research team member's recent research results.

The University of Washington's DFSRG focuses on developing technologies for 
people from resource constrained regions around the world to facilitate 
financial inclusion and alleviate poverty. More broadly, we collaborate with 
social scientists and industry partners, including the newly opened FinTech 
Center at Information Technology University in Lahore. Some of our current 
research highlights include an exploration of mobile money adoption and use by 
women in Pakistan, the implementation of digital agricultural directories to 
facilitate business transactions in Tanzania, and an evaluation of security 
within digital transactions.

The UW DFS Workshop will highlight two panels: 1) "Gender and Mobile Money" 
with panelists Neha Kumar (Georgia Tech), Emer Dooley (UW Foster School of 
Business), Skye Gilbert (PATH), Heidi Stephens Metz (Imani), and Samia Ibtasam 
(UW CSE).  and 2) "DFS Technologies." with panelists Ben Lyon (Caribou 
Digital), Lubna Razaq (ITU, Lahore), Kurtis Heimerl (UW CSE), and Sam Castle 
(UW CSE). We will feature talks from Himanshu Nagpal, a Senior Program Officer 
for Financial Services for the Poor, at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; 
Jake Kendall, the Director of Digital Financial Services Innovation Lab, at 
Caribou Digital; and Joyojeet Pal, Assistant Professor, at the University of 
Michigan School of Information. Also, our graduate students will offer a poster 
session to accompany the reception.

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