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> Greetings!
> Please join us for the Change Seminar starting next week on *Tuesday
> 10/3/2017 in HUB 214 at 12-1 pm*. Change is an association of researchers
> broadly interested in technology as applied to global development, poverty
> alleviation, and social justice.
> This semester we will begin an exciting cross-campus collaboration
> involving faculty and students from TASCHA (Technology and Social Change)
> at the iSchool, Global WACh and I-TECH (International Training and
> Education Center for Health) at the Department of Global Health, the UW
> School of Nursing, and ICTD (Information and Communication Technologies for
> Development) at CSE. We hope that the presence of students and faculty from
> each of these groups will foster increased collaboration, fruitful
> discussion, and awareness of related projects and shared interests between
> groups. Other student and faculty volunteers are welcome to join our
> organizing team; if interested, please reply to this email.
> *Time: Tuesdays at 12-1 pm*
> *Location:* The seminar will be held in *HUB 214* unless otherwise
> announced. On 10/24 and 11/28 it will be held in the large conference room
> in the Harris Hydraulics building.
> --------------------------------------
> This week, Naveena Karusala and Neha Kumar will be presenting their CSCW
> 2018 paper titled *Care as a Resource for Underserved Learning
> Environments*.
> *Who: *Naveena Karusala (UW) & Neha Kumar (Georgia Tech)
> *What:* Care as a Resource for Underserved Learning Environments
> *When:* Tuesday Oct 3
> *Where:* 12pm in HUB 214
> *Abstract: *We present results from an ethnographic inquiry of
> technology-based learning at an after-school learning center in Mumbai
> (India) that caters to students from neighboring slum communities. We
> conducted participant observation for 120 hours and 58 semi-structured
> interviews with different stakeholders (including teachers, staff, parents,
> and students) at the center over nine weeks from December 2015 to July
> 2016. Taking an assets-based approach in an underserved context, we uncover
> the role of care as a resource and present the rich and varied caring
> behaviors enacted in this sociotechnical system.We then discuss how care
> effects a greater sense of ownership, interdependency, and community.
> Examining the role of aligning values in motivating caring behavior, we
> conclude with recommendations for supporting, leveraging, and extending
> care via technology design in an underserved, technology-enhanced learning
> environment.
> *Bios: *This paper will be presented jointly by Naveena Karusala
> <> and Neha Kumar
> <>. Naveena is a first-year Computer Science PhD
> student at UW. She worked on this paper during her undergrad at Georgia
> Tech, where she was advised by Neha -- assistant professor doing research
> at the intersection of human-centered computing and global development
> (read HCI4D). The paper they will present is joint work with Aditya
> Vishwanath <> (joint lead author), Arkadeep
> Kumar, and Aman Mangal, all incredible Georgia Tech students.
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