Please join us for the Change Seminar this week on *Tuesday 10/17/2017 in
CSE 203 from 12-1 pm*. We will be covering two shorter conference style
talks this week, so please try and arrive on time!

*Who:* Samia Ibtasam (UW CSE)
*What: **An Exploration of Smartphone based Mobile Money Applications in
*Who: *Kushal Shah (UW CSE)
*What: **An Investigation of Phone Upgrades in Remote Community Cellular
*When: *Tuesday Oct 17
*Where:* 12pm in CSE 203 (Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science and

*Kushal: An Investigation of Phone Upgrades in Remote Community Cellular
Networks* In the last decade, billions of people worldwide have upgraded
from basic 2G feature phones to data-enabled 4G smartphones. In most cases,
people upgrade in areas with 4G coverage (typically cities and large
towns), but increasingly, people choose to upgrade in areas that only have
2G coverage or no cellular coverage at all. This counterintuitive behavior
– upgrading your phone despite living in an area that does not actively
support many of the features of that new device – is the focus of this
work. We investigate the rates and reasons for 4G upgrades and adoption in
two extremely remote areas in Indonesia and the Philippines. Our
mixed-methods approach combines the quantitative analysis of several years
of mobile phone registration logs with the qualitative analysis of multiple
interviews in one of these communities. *Bio:* Kushal is a Masters student
in the Information School at UW. He is working as a Research Assistant with
the ICTD lab to analyze different datasets to find ways to improve
Financial Services for the Poor. He also works on projects in other domains
such as Telecom Connectivity, Crisis Informatics and Urban Computing.
--- *Samia:
An Exploration of Smartphone based Mobile Money Applications in Pakistan*
Worldwide, two billion people remain unbanked, the majority of whom reside
in resource-constrained environments. While banks have limited reach due to
high overhead costs of physical expansion, the global increase in mobile
penetration has created opportunities to serve the unbanked using
mobile-based Digital Financial Services (DFS). However, access to mobile
applications alone is insufficient to ensure their trial, adoption, or
continued usage. In this paper, we report a three-phase learnability
evaluation (N=118) of smartphone-based mobile wallet applications conducted
in Pakistan. We discuss ways in which previous exposure or domain knowledge
improve learnability, and we recommend that metrics for learnability should
include effectiveness and help sought, independent of usability. We also
identify DFS adoption opportunities such as user readiness, interface
improvements, and women's independence. All of these opportunities stem
from awareness and understanding of relevance, which in our case occurred
as a consequence of exposure to the application under evaluation. *Bio: *
Samia is a second a second year Ph.D. student in the Paul G. Allen School
of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington and is
advised by Richard Anderson. Previously, she worked as the founding
co-director of Innovations for Poverty Alleviation Lab (IPAL) at
Information Technology University, Pakistan and taught courses like DLab:
Global Development, Human Centered Design, Design thinking, and Technology
for Global Development. She has been working as a researcher in using
Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) since
2010. She started her work with speech interfaces for low-literate users
with Umar Saif, Roni Rosenfeld and Agha Ali Raza. At IPAL, she worked to
design Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) solutions including
information systems, diagnosis applications etc. She also worked with
Government of Punjab, Pakistan to redesign the Immunization card and
creating digital health records for the province of Punjab. Currently, she
is using her knowledge in Human-Computer Interaction to work with unbanked
to design and adapt financial technologies and to expand the financial
inclusion. She is Acumen Fund Regional Fellow for 2015 and sometimes tweets
at @SamiaRazaq

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