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> Please join us for the Change Seminar this week on *Tuesday 11/28/2017* in
> the large conference room of *Harris Hydraulics* from *12-1 pm*. *Note
> the room **change for this week!!*
> *Who:* Pwint Htun
> *What:* Myanmar's Digital Financial Services industry: Vision for 2020
> *When:* Tuesday Nov 28
> *Where:* 12pm in Harris Hydraulics
> *Abstract: *
> A University of Washington alumnus, Pwint Htun, has been the hidden
> figure behind the Digital Financial Services industry for her homeland of
> Myanmar since mid-2012. As ICTD and DFS industry advisor to the Government
> of Myanmar, Pwint continues to play a crucial role in building up digital
> financial services industry as Myanmar has transformed from the third least
> connected in the world. Today, 90% of the population of Myanmar has
> affordable 3G coverage with the majority of Myanmar citizens on
> smartphones. In 2017, Pwint Htun co-authored "Mobilizing Myanmar" for the
> Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Report is downloadable at
> Myanmar has one of the poorest banking infrastructures in Southeast Asia.
> The banking sector and ATM network cannot reach rural areas. Today, there
> are more active SIMs than the number of people in Myanmar. People in rural
> areas have smartphones charged with solar panels.
> With backing from the State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, the digital
> financial services industry is poised to be transformative for the people
> of Burma by end of 2020. The people of Burma have leapfrogged from $1500
> SIM cards for the elite few to pervasive smartphones and mobile financial
> services intended for rural and urban poor and women.
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