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From: Esther Jang <>
Date: Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 5:43 PM
Subject: UW Change Seminar 1/23 in EEB 003: Martin Lukac, Nexleaf- "IoT for
Development: Getting Data Flowing to Drive Impact"

Please join us for the Change Seminar this week on *Tuesday 1/23/2018* in *EEB

*Who:* Martin Lukac, CTO of Nexleaf Analytics
*What:** IoT for Development: Getting Data Flowing to Drive Impact*
*When: *Tuesday, Jan 23rd, 12-1pm
*Where: EEB 003*

*Abstract: *At Nexleaf, we believe that most development interventions
could benefit from access to useful, automated ground-up data. Everyone
wants more and better information. Funders want it for M&E, multinationals
want it for hitting targets (like the SDGs), and countries and NGOs want it
to confirm that their undertakings are actually leading to improved
Our approach is to create data-gathering technologies and applications with
a strong use-case for people working on the ground. Then, with the data we
gather, we can also begin to see system-wide problems, identify potential
solutions, and test the effectiveness of those program fixes. That's how
Nexleaf's approach leads to rapid iteration and verified improved impact.
This talk will focus on how this approach informs our work in two sectors:
global immunization and clean household energy.

*Bio: *Martin Lukac is a Founder and the Chief Technology Officer of
Nexleaf Analytics.
Martin holds a B.S. from Haverford College, and received his Ph.D. from
UCLA for innovations in wireless seismic and acoustic sensing systems. He
previously served as a Visiting Scientist at the University of California
Los Angeles (UCLA). Martin’s research experience includes building,
deploying, maintaining, and evaluating embedded systems for seismic,
structural, environmental, and public-health applications. At Nexleaf,
Martin leads all aspects of the technical design and architecture of Nexleaf’s
sensing systems and connected devices. He has personally deployed device
prototypes across Southeast Asia, Africa, and beyond. His work has led to
one patent and several more in the works.
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