Hello Everyone,

Please join us for the Change Seminar on Tuesday 2/20/2018 in *EEB 003*.

*Who*: Frank Schott, Vice President, Global Programs at Nethope
*What*: Digital Innovations for Disaster Relief
*When*: Tuesday, Feb 20th, 12-1 PM
*Where*: EEB 003

Frank is a UW alumni and joined NetHope in 2005. He served as Managing
Director of Global Programs for 11 years. In 2016, he took on the role of
Vice President of Global Programs, where he oversees Field Programs. During
his time with NetHope, Frank has worked closely with member agencies,
corporate partners and NetHope staff to design, develop and deliver ICT
related programs which are shared by the humanitarian sector.

Prior to joining NetHope, Frank worked with public and private sector
clients developing programs and solutions around the use of technology in
the developing world. His client list includes UNHCR (the UN Refugee
Agency), the University of Washington, Naguru Teenage Medical Centre and
Microsoft Corporation. Frank has also spent hands-on time in the developing
world, with time spent on programs in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central
America and Eastern Europe.

Digital innovations have the potential to transform the way that
international aid is delivered. Our speaker will share some of the ways
that NetHope is innovating and spotlight promising information and
communications technology trends to keep an eye on.

Here's the link for joining remotely: *https://meet.google.com/kkr-mebs-okp
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