Please join us for the Change Seminar next week on* Tuesday 4/24/2018* in *EEB

*Who:* Vivek Srinivasan, Research Scientist at UW Tech Policy Lab
*What:** Design Principles for Civic Technologies*
*When: *Tuesday, April 24th, 12-1pm
*Where: EEB 037*

*Abstract:* In this talk, I will discuss some design principles for
building civic technologies to combat corruption and to improve democratic
participation. The presentation is based on the lessons learned from the
Combating Corruption with Mobile Phones project that I initiated at
Stanford University in 2011.

*Bio:* I am a Research Scientist at the Tech Policy Lab (UW) and a faculty
affiliate at the Georgetown University's School of Foreign Studies. I
started my work life in 2000 where I had the privilege of working with some
of India's leading activists and who used their political imagination to
mobilize people, fight corruption and make governments more accountable. At
that time, I realized that technology, if used with the right kind of
political imagination, could help in improving democracy and
accountability. That interest took me to Stanford, where I worked with the
Program on Liberation Technology for six years. At UW, I am learning Value
Sensitive Design and applying them current tech policy issues. You can find
more about me at
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