P.S. Suzanne just informed me that the domain is Helpfind.us...

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> Note that I'm doing this in a personal capacity and NOT representing or
> speaking for Stanford in any way.
> This is just to kickoff a conversation...
> Suzanne has obtained a domain name to host a database to keep track of all
> of the kids who have been forcibly removed from their parents. We need to
> track down 10K+ children at 100 shelters in 14 states: http://www.
> businessinsider.com/children-in-custody-trump-administration-immigration-
> zero-tolerance-policy-2018-5.
> As Suzanne suggests, we need to figure out how not to enable stalkers or
> deporting authorities while simultaneously helping the children find their
> parents, and vice versa. Suzanne suggests something along the lines
> of anonymous lost child posting: If tip gets added, connect to legal
> services to screen and verify. She also suggests connecting searching
> parents with legal services and with people who have tips but not involving
> law enforcement.
> Christina suggests finding some good coders to scrape names off news
> articles. There are a lot of names already there.
> Organizations that could help:
>    - *Southwest key*. Christina says that Southwest key has a database of
>    all of the kids but won't provide the info. Does anyone have a good contact
>    there?
>    - *IRAP*. Lina suggests contacting IRAP: https://refugeerights.org/.
>    Anybody have a contact there?
>    - *ACLU*. Catherine suggests talking to the ACLU. I know we had
>    several ACLU people on Liberationtech but from the tech angle. I don't know
>    whether they're still on the list?
>    - *RAICES*. Candace suggests we talk to RAICES. Anybody have a contact
>    there?
> I reckon that a massive crowdsourcing effort will be needed. Some crisis
> mapping might be useful.
> A question for everyone on Liberationtech and related lists: How does this
> effort get off the ground quickly?
> Thanks,
> Yosem
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