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From: Katy Pearce <>
Date: Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 11:28 AM
Subject: [dub] Virtual intership with the research side of USAID
To: Com Grad Students <>, Communication Faculty <>,

Hi all.

A friend of mine is a sociologist who is now an in-house researcher at
USAID. She is recruiting PhD students (maybe advanced MA students too) with
quant skills, data viz skills, and an interest in democracy to do a virtual
internship with her and her team.  (The posting says SPSS/STATA, but she
told me that R/Python are fine too.)

I do not know the details as far as limits to citizenship (although I'd
guess it is only for US citizens and PRs) or pay, etc.

But if you're interested in policy and research, this might be a good
opportunity for you.

If you want me to put you in touch with Laura before applying, I'm happy to
do so.

Know a Ph.D. student who wants to work with me in a virtual internship this
year researching democracy issues for USAID? Project description here: Apply by July 31:



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