Potentially interesting to members of this community: ACM is doing a
special Transactions issue addressing spatial algorithms and systems, with
an emphasis on things like urban mobility and last mile communication
-Matt J.
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Date: Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 7:00 AM
Subject: TSAS Call for Papers: Special issue on Urban Mobility: Algorithms
and Systems
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ACM Transactions on Spatial
Algorithms and Systems
*Special issue on Urban Mobility: Algorithms and Systems *

Guest Editor
Dr. Sreenivas Gollapudi, Google


*Aim and Scope *

Urban Mobility deals with movement of passengers and goods in the highly
complex urban setting. This is becoming increasingly critical as we march
toward the smart city era. The goal of research is to advance the
state-of-the-art on Intelligent Transportation Systems in cities where the
challenges multiply from noisy signals, highly dynamic traffic events
resulting from changing demands, closures and accidents, multiple modes of
transport, personalized preferences, and many traffic movements, e.g.,
commute, personal, touristic, services, etc.

This special issue intends to bring together transdisciplinary researchers
and practitioners working in topics from multiple areas, e.g., Data Mining,
Machine Learning, Algorithms, Numerical Optimization, Public Transport,
City Planning, and Traffic Engineering among others. The ultimate goal of
this venue is to evaluate not only the theoretical contributions of the
data-driven methodology proposed in each research work, but also its
potential deployment/impact as well as its advances with respect to the
State-of-the-Art/State-of-the-Practice in the domains of the related

This special issue on *Urban Mobility: Algorithms and Systems* will be
published in ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems (TSAS)

*Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):*

   - Ride sharing platforms
   - Object tracking
   - Multi-modal transport
   - Last mile connectivity
   - Dynamic routing algorithms
   - Scalable routing engines
   - Incentives for congestion routing
   - Trajectory analysis (dealing with quality and uncertainty)
   - Traffic light management
   - Spatial user behavior characterization
   - Geospatial prediction
   - Similarity measures for geospatial data
   - Location privacy, data sharing and security
   - Web and real-time applications
   - Mobile systems and vehicular ad hoc networks
   - Spatial data structures and algorithms

The journal welcomes articles on any of the above topics or closely related
disciplines in the context of urban mobility. TSAS will encourage original
submissions that have not been published or submitted in any form
elsewhere, and submissions which may significantly contribute to opening up
new and potentially important areas of research and development. TSAS will
publish outstanding papers that are "major value-added extensions" of
papers previously published in conferences. Such extensions should
contribute at least 30% new original work. In this case, authors will need
to identify in a separate document the list of extensions over their
previously published paper. For more information, please visit
https://tsas.acm.org/authors.cfm or contact the special-issue guest-editor
at sgoll...@google.com.

*Important Dates*

Dec 15, 2018: Deadline for submissions of full length papers
Feb 15, 2018: Notification of initial reviews
Mar 15, 2018: Deadline for revisions
May 01, 2019: Notification of final reviews
Jun 01, 2019: Submission of final camera-ready manuscripts
July 01 2019: Expected publication

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