Please join us for the Change Seminar tomorrow *Tuesday 9/6/2018* in *JHN

*Who:* Matt Johnson (UW CSE)
*What:* Distributed LTE
*When:* Tuesday, Nov 6th, 12-1pm
*Where:* Johnson Hall 111

*Abstract: *The radio interfaces and network architectures of WiFi and
cellular systems are converging along many dimensions. While both systems
are largely adopting the centralized architecture of traditional cellular
deployments, this design comes with fundamental disadvantages that limit
how these networks grow and develop. As a response, we present Distributed
LTE (dLTE), an architecture offering the high radio performance of licensed
and coordinated waveforms as well as the openness to organic expansion and
growth of traditional WiFi. We challenge the assumption that good
performance requires a centralized packet processing core, and propose
hybrid approaches to coordination that prioritize system openness. We argue
that dLTE is a particularly good fit for rural areas, where the LTE
waveform is more appropriate than WiFi, yet it is uneconomical for
centralized providers to deploy traditional cellular systems.

*Bio: *Matthew Johnson is a graduate student at the University of
Washington working with Dr. Kurtis Heimerl on new tools for community
cellular networks. He was fortunate to receive an NSF Graduate Research
Fellowship and the Gaetano Borriello fellowship at UW to support his work.
Previously he has interned for X (formerly Google-X) working on balloon
based rural access, and worked at TrellisWare Technologies building
mobile-ad-hoc networks. He received a Bachelors of Science in Electrical
and Computer Engineering at the Rice University in Houston, Texas. Outside
of networking, he is excited about sustainable living, bikes, and
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