Please join us for the Change Seminar *today* *Tuesday 9/13/2018* in *JHN

*Who:* Zerina Kapetanovic, UW ECE
*What:* FarmBeats: An AI and IoT solution for Data-driven Agriculture
*When:* Tuesday, Nov 13th, 12-1pm
*Where:* Johnson Hall 111

*Presentation Description: *Data-driven techniques help boost agricultural
productivity by increasing yields, reducing losses, and cutting down input
costs. However, these techniques have seen sparse adoption owing to the
high costs of manual data collection and limited connectivity solutions.
FarmBeats, is an AI and IoT platform for agriculture that enables seamless
data collection from various sensors, cameras, and drones. Our system
design explicitly accounts for weather-related power and Internet outages,
and has had several long-term deployments across the US.

*Bio:* Zerina Kapetanovic is a PhD student in Electrical and Computer
Engineering department at the University of Washington. She works with
Professor Joshua Smith in the Sensor Systems lab and focuses on wireless
technology such as battery-free sensing and low-power communication.
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