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The ICTD Research Group at the University of Washington’s Allen School of
Computer Science and Engineering (http://ictd.cs.washington.edu/) is
seeking qualified students, both from the US and abroad, with an interest
in universal internet access and community networking to apply to the PhD
program in computer networking. The ICTD group, led by Professors Kurtis
Heimerl and Richard Anderson, has long worked on the problems of Universal
Internet Access internationally, with deployments and projects in both the
rural Philippines (in partnership with the University of the Philippines)
and Indonesia (in partnership with Ob Anggen). As our research shifts to
wide-area LTE networks and the infrastructure of repair, we want to find
more motivated and passionate students with interest and capacity in the
space. There is a particular interest in students with personal experience
with hard connectivity problems.

If interested, please visit the UWCSE admissions page (
https://www.cs.washington.edu/academics/phd). All students admitted to the
Allen School Ph.D. program are guaranteed funding for 3 years in the form
of a research assistantship, teaching assistantship or fellowship. All or
most of the cost of tuition is covered by the assistantship or fellowship.
If you have any questions, please direct them to Professor Kurtis Heimerl <

A little about the University of Washington’s Allen School of Computer
Science and Engineering: Consistently ranked among the top computer science
programs in the world, the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science &
Engineering educates tomorrow's innovators and engages in research that
advances core and emerging areas of the field. We also lead a broad range
of multi-disciplinary initiatives that demonstrate the transformative power
of computing and are nationally recognized for our success in promoting
diversity. We are located in the spectacular Paul G. Allen Center for
Computer Science & Engineering at the heart of the University of Washington
campus in Seattle — a center of innovation in software, life sciences,
global health, aerospace, and many other fields — where Allen School
faculty, students, and alumni are making an impact and changing the world.

Public Key: https://flowcrypt.com/pub/kheim...@cs.washington.edu
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