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I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that Professor
Kurtis's and his co-authors' paper, " Fresh Insights: User Research Towards
a Market Information Service for Bihari Vegetable Farmers" has been
accepted in ICTD 2019 !

Many Congratulations, Professor Kurtis and team ! :)

This will be a worthwhile and interesting paper to read !

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On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 9:55 PM Kurtis Heimerl <kheim...@cs.washington.edu>

> Apologies for the wide posting but I feel like these lists have the kind
> of people we're looking for! Feel free to forward on if there are other
> communities that could be interested.
> The ICTD Research Group at the University of Washington’s Allen School of
> Computer Science and Engineering (http://ictd..cs.washington.edu/
> <http://ictd.cs.washington.edu/>) is seeking qualified students, both
> from the US and abroad, with an interest in universal internet access and
> community networking to apply to the PhD program in computer networking.
> The ICTD group, led by Professors Kurtis Heimerl and Richard Anderson, has
> long worked on the problems of Universal Internet Access internationally,
> with deployments and projects in both the rural Philippines (in partnership
> with the University of the Philippines) and Indonesia (in partnership with
> Ob Anggen). As our research shifts to wide-area LTE networks and the
> infrastructure of repair, we want to find more motivated and passionate
> students with interest and capacity in the space. There is a particular
> interest in students with personal experience with hard connectivity
> problems.
> If interested, please visit the UWCSE admissions page (
> https://www.cs.washington.edu/academics/phd). All students admitted to
> the Allen School Ph.D. program are guaranteed funding for 3 years in the
> form of a research assistantship, teaching assistantship or fellowship. All
> or most of the cost of tuition is covered by the assistantship or
> fellowship. If you have any questions, please direct them to Professor
> Kurtis Heimerl <kheim...@cs.washington.edu>.
> A little about the University of Washington’s Allen School of Computer
> Science and Engineering: Consistently ranked among the top computer science
> programs in the world, the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science &
> Engineering educates tomorrow's innovators and engages in research that
> advances core and emerging areas of the field. We also lead a broad range
> of multi-disciplinary initiatives that demonstrate the transformative power
> of computing and are nationally recognized for our success in promoting
> diversity. We are located in the spectacular Paul G. Allen Center for
> Computer Science & Engineering at the heart of the University of Washington
> campus in Seattle — a center of innovation in software, life sciences,
> global health, aerospace, and many other fields — where Allen School
> faculty, students, and alumni are making an impact and changing the world.
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