Please join us for Change next Tuesday (Feb 12) at noon in CSE 203, with a
talk by Meg Young.

If UW operations are suspended (, the talk will
be canceled.
Last week's canceled talk (Cliff Schmidt) has been rescheduled to March 5.

*Who:* Meg Young
*What:* Data Ownership is Not Dispositive: Data Ownership and Access in
Outsourced "Smart City" Data Programs
*When:* Tuesday, Feb 12, 12-1pm
*Where:* CSE 203

Recent and intensifying interest in how companies govern user data has been
met with an emphasis on users' rights with respect to their own data.
However, a closer look at how data "ownership" works in practice reveals
that ownership does not ensure that data is governed as owners (and
subjects) intend. In this talk, I argue that data ownership is not
determinative of the rights and obligations that the metaphor suggests. I
draw on examples from three data sharing configurations in my dissertation
fieldwork on access, accountability and proprietary systems in outsourced
local government data programs: (1) ORCA card readers, (2) transit agencies
providing first- and last-mile service to transit stations, and (3) a
UW-based "data trust" for cross-sector data sharing. In each case, I
explore what "work" data ownership does in practice, and find that it is
not indicative of who can access data and for what purpose.

Meg is a PhD Candidate in the UW Information School and a member of the
Tech Policy Lab, Critical Platform Studies Group, and Data Lab. She
primarily conducts ethnographic work on technology policy and smart cities
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