Please join us for Change Seminar next Tuesday (Feb 19) at noon in CSE 203
for a talk by iSchool Professor Dr. Karen Fisher.

*Who:* Karen Fisher - Professor, iSchool; Adjunct Professor, Communication
*What:* Humanitarian Research by Conflict Zones
*When:* Tuesday, Feb 19, 12-1pm
*Where:* CSE 203

In this talk, iSchool Professor Karen Fisher outlines the main principles
for carrying out Humanitarian Research by conflict zones guided by the
mantra of “People First,” Data Second.” Based on her experiences as an
embedded field researcher since 2014 with UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) in the
Middle East, she shares the sensitivities of working in settings with
people displaced by conflict, the commitments required of researchers, and
opportunities for supporting resilience.

Dr. Karen Fisher (Professor, iSchool; Adjunct Professor, Communication) has
been an embedded field researcher since 2014 with UNHCR Jordan (UN Refugee
Agency) by the Syrian Border using design ethnography and other methods in
support of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030). With a focus on
resilience and gender, her research includes Syrian youth as ICT wayfarers;
a Za’atari Camp Life Book to preserve indigenous knowledge through food,
art and stories; a camp-wide library system; and the nuances of place and
time for Information Grounds. Karen received inaugural 2018 Facebook
Research Award "Data Science & Field Design Methods for Supporting Crisis
Informatics in Conflict Zones” (Co-PIs Kate Starbird, Reem Talhouk, Jevin
West & Eiad Yafi). Set in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, the research
addresses many issues, including integration, repatriation, and refoulment.
In 2019 she is starting a new mission with CSE/DUB to co-design
accessibility fab labs. Karen is a Visiting Professor at the Open Lab,
Newcastle University, UK, as well as Abo Akademi University, Turku,
Finland, and Siegen University.

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