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> Please join us for an interactive Change Seminar next Tuesday (Feb 26) at
> noon in CSE 203 for a talk by Moonjung Yim from the University of
> Washington's Information School.
> Who: Moonjung Yim (Information School, University of Washington)
> What: ICTD evaluation: Exploring its foci and current gaps
> When: Tuesday, Feb 26, 12-1pm
> Where: CSE 203 (Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering
> <>)
> Abstract: Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have received
> much attention among the academics and practitioners as a possible catalyst
> in advancing people’s lives in the Global South, as they potentially allow
> information and knowledge sharing in varying forms with enhanced speed and
> high volume of content. However, the effectiveness of ICTD projects has
> been deeply questionable. As a response, researchers have been closely
> engaged in assessing how ICTs have been utilized, along with suggestions of
> a range of evaluation frameworks which apply theories, models, methods, and
> perspectives from various disciplines. However, ICTD evaluation is yet to
> be seen as a field with firm conceptual underpinnings. This study is
> motivated by the need to explore and identify characteristics of ICTD
> evaluation, in order to enhance its standing as a field of its own, which
> researchers can reasonably refer to and be aware of its expected criteria
> in a broad sense. The work seeks to address the above problem by examining
> what the foci of ICTD evaluation have been in the recent years and
> analyzing ICTD evaluation’s associations with other closely related areas,
> to explore where the gaps lie in ICTD evaluation and discuss how they can
> be possibly resolved.
> About the presenter: Moonjung Yim is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the
> University of Washington Information School. Her research interest is on
> ICTD evaluation. She participated in research projects exploring the
> following: constructing an evaluation toolkit to assess intangible outcomes
> of ICTD projects based on Capability Approach (“Community Wellness
> Outcomes” toolkit); examining mobile phone uses and capability enhancement
> in the Global South; and understanding the implications of ICTD projects in
> individual and community development through the analytical lens of IT
> identity and social capital. Currently she works with UW Technology &
> Social Change Group (TASCHA) as a research assistant.
> About the session format: The presented preliminary findings are part of
> the presenter’s dissertation research. The session will begin with a brief
> explanation about the study and ask for attendees’ consent to participate 
> (*please
> see below***). Preliminary findings will be presented, followed by some
> time for participants to fill in a short feedback response sheet. We plan
> to have some time for discussion to share thoughts on the findings and Q&A.
> ***The seminar session is planned to be voice recorded and written
> feedback response sheets will be collected from each participant (names
> won’t be collected). These will be incorporated as part of the study
> findings. *
> Best,
> Samia Ibtasam <>
> Computer Science & Engineering
> University of Washington
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