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> Please join us for the Change Seminar, Tuesday, April 30, 12:00-1:00pm, in
> CSE 203.
> *Abstract*: Working conditions are difficult in garment factories in
> Bangladesh, as tragically illustrated by the 2013 collapse of Rana Plaza,
> which killed over 1000 workers.  In this talk, I will first discuss
> research with Laura Boudreau and Tyler McCormick on on the relationship
> between migration, information, and working conditions before pre-Rana
> Plaza.   I will then discuss research with Laurent Bossavie and Yoonyoung
> Cho that estimates the effects of the post-Rana Plaza reforms on working
> conditions and wages.  Finally, I will describe work in progress with Laura
> Boudreau that will evaluate the effects of providing crowd-sourced
> information on working conditions to garment workers.
> *Bio*: Rachel Heath is an Associate Professor of Economics at the
> University of Washington in Seattle.  Before joining the faculty at UW, she
> was a post-doc in the Research Group at the World Bank.  Her research
> examines labor markets in developing countries.  In particular, she has
> focused on the expansion of manufacturing jobs (such as the garment
> industry in Bangladesh) in developing countries, looking at women’s
> decision to work, how workers are hired and the effects these job
> opportunities have on women and their households. She holds a PhD in
> Economics from Yale University and a BS in Economics from Duke University.
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