Hi All,

I'm helping to build a hybrid edutech social venture in Puerto Rico that
will train the local population along with the brightest minds from the
U.S. and the world in Puerto Rico at a beachfront property with hotel
accommodations. We have the backing of some of the world's most
renowned tech investors and companies. This is part of our effort to aid in
the reconstruction of Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria.

We're looking for a CEO to build the educational program and develop the
venture. The CEO candidate must have the following:

   - Must be available to live in and willing to move to Silicon Valley;
   - Must be available and willing to travel regularly to Puerto Rico;
   - Must have experience building and managing educational programs;
   - Must have a PhD; and,
   - Must have experience building partnerships and working with people
   from diverse cultures.

It would also be nice but not absolutely necessary for the CEO to have the

   - A PhD in a STEM field, especially in CS or EE, preferably with a focus
   on artificial intelligence and robotics; and,
   - Expertise in finance.

Please send any qualified candidates you may know my way and feel free to
forward this message to your one-million closest friends and networks!

Thanks so much, as always.

Take care,
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