(It's a busy week for ICTD PhD defences)

Please join us on Friday,  June 7 at 2pm in CSE2 371 for the final exam talk of 
Trevor Perrier

Title: Connecting End Users to Domain Experts With Universal Mobile Phones 

Where:  Fri, 07 Jun 2019 02:00 PM, CSE2 371 (Gates Center) and streamed: Meet 
URL: https://meet.google.com/bax-bgia-dhe

Abstract: The potential for communication services available on any mobile 
phone to engage users, disseminate information, and facilitate behavior change 
has been well documented. Designing using universal applications such as SMS 
and voice services enables programs for individual empowerment and behavior 
change to reach marginalized segments of the global population. The majority of 
mobile messaging services for development are either one-way push messaging or 
use fully automated bi-directional end points. In this thesis, I present the 
design and evolution of a semi-automated bi-directional SMS platform for global 
health interventions. This novel system mediates personalized conversations 
between patients and trained medical professionals. In five Kenyan based 
projects over 140 thousand SMS messages have been sent and 35 thousand messages 
received. Analysis of this system data shows longitudinal trends in messaging 
and engagement which will inform the design of future systems.

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