Earlier this year, Moonjung presented some preliminary findings of her work at 
Change. She is now defending her dissertation on Evaluation of ICT4D. Yet 
another ICTD related dissertation to wrap up this academic year! Join us in 
person or online.
Friday, June 21, 2019
12:00-2:00 pm
Bloedel Hall Room 070, or online via zoom: https://washington.zoom.us/my/rgomez

Title: Information and communication technology for development (ICT4D) 
evaluation: Examining its foci, gaps, challenges, and associations with other 
areas to strengthen the field's conceptual underpinnings
Abstract: The effectiveness of ICT for development (ICT4D) projects has been 
deeply questionable over the past decades, despite the much attention paid to 
ICTs among the academics and practitioners as a possible catalyst in the 
betterment of people's lives in the Global South. However, ICT4D evaluation is 
yet to be seen as a field with a clear global consensus on what it constitutes. 
In this setting, the study aims to identify the major foci, gaps, and 
challenges of ICT4D evaluation and explore ways to strengthen its conceptual 
elements and resolve prevailing issues. To address the above research problem, 
content analyses and interviews were conducted. Moreover, to identify and 
strengthen the field's conceptual elements, the study refers to other areas of 
evaluation with a long history of rich discourse and/or strong foundation of 
models, theories, and approaches.
Supervisory Committee:

  *   Ricardo J Gomez, Chair
  *   Andres Barria-Roman, GSR
  *   Michelle Suzanne Carter, Member
  *   Negin Dahya, Member

Ricardo Gomez
Associate Professor, iSchool, University of Washington
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