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Dear all,

The ACM Future of Computing Academy (FCA) enters its second recruiting
cycle! The ACM FCA was created in 2017 to foster computing's next
generation of leaders, and the ACM encourages young computing professionals
with a passion for excellence, vision, leadership, and impact to join the

The FCA carries the "privilege and responsibility to become the voice of
the future of the computing field at large and of ACM," striving to
"improve (1) computing, (2) the computing community, and (3) computing's
relationship with society." We engage in activities to shape the future of
computing, creating podcasts, writing public statements, organizing
summits, developing research manifestos, and more. As professionals from
academia, research labs, companies, and startups, we are committed to a
holistic evolution of the discipline.

If you are interested to join, apply by *August 23, 2019*, and ensure that
your applications will equip us to assess your excellence, vision for
computing, leadership potential, and commitment to impact.

More information and application link/eligibility criteria are at For any questions, please email <>.

Neha Kumar & Luigi De Russis
(FCA Chair & Vice-Chair)
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