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On Wed, Aug 28, 2019, 2:01 PM Esther Jang <infra...@cs.washington.edu>

> Hi Change community,
> Next *Wed 9/4 3:30pm at UW CSE*, students from the ICTD and Security &
> Privacy Labs will jointly be hosting a talk by local privacy activist
> Cynthia Spiess. She'll be talking about how to get involved in the City of
> Seattle's process for publicly reviewing surveillance technologies used by
> the city, the Seattle Surveillance Ordinance.
> *Talk Title: "Seattle Surveillance Ordinance: Information for Tech
> Activists"*
> *When: Wednesday 9/4, 3:30-5 pm*
> *Where: Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering, Gates
> Commons (rm CSE 691)*
> *Speaker Bio:*Cynthia Spiess has previously worked at Adobe as a Senior
> Security Researcher for the Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET).
> Prior to that, she worked at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Security
> Engineer for the AWS AppSec team; and earlier as a Developer Support
> Engineer for AWS Premium Support. She has spoken at DefendCon 2017 and iSec
> (now NCC) Open Forum Seattle. Her work experience covers front-end and
> back-end web stacks (GUIs and APIs), both traditional and more modern
> (NoSQL DBs, docker/Mesos), SecOps/IR, and (unsurprisingly) cloud security.
> *Talk Summary:*The City of Seattle is in the midst of undertaking
> important steps that impact the privacy (and security in some cases) of all
> persons living, working, and traveling in Seattle for likely many years to
> come. This work is partially underway, with different surveillance
> technologies in different stages of the process. This presentation will
> cover what the Seattle Surveillance Ordinance is & the overall process
> end-to-end; what stage we’re at; noteworthy technical findings thus far;
> what’s next; and how to contribute your knowledge. The overall situation is
> one which is near starving for technical contributions and voice, so the
> hope is that this presentation is more than purely informational and
> instead results in informed participation (in any level or capacity).
> Here's a FB event <https://www.facebook.com/events/376419182991263/> for
> sharing. Please come if you can make it, and invite anyone who you think
> would be interested!
> Thanks,
> -Esther
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